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Calix 2015


Scientific Program


16.00–19.00    Registration

19.00              Welcome Cocktail




8.00–8.40        Registration

8.40–8.55        Welcome Address

Chair: Javier de Mendoza

8.55–9.20        Philip A. Gale: "Anion transport with calix[4]pyrrole"

9.20–9.35        Arkadi Vigalok: "Fluorescent calixarene capsules for chemosensory applications"

9.35–10.00      Paris E. Georghiou: "Calixnaphthalenes and calixazulenes – a final (?) wrap-up!"

10.00–10.15    Vladimir A. Azov: "Calix[4]arene-tetrathiafulvalene receptors for recognition of electron deficient guests"

10.15–10.30    Chuan-Feng Chen: "Triptycene-derived calixarenes, heterocalixarenes and analogues"


10.30–11.00    Coffee break
Chair: Giuseppe Arena  

11.00–11.25    Olivia Reinaud: "Bowl vs. funnel complexes: impact of a cavity on a metal ion embedded in a biomimetic environment"

11.25–11.50    Silvano Geremia: "Structure investigation of host-guest interactions in artificial receptors and multifunctional materials"

11.50–12.15    Luis Garcia-Rio: "Counterion effect on sulfonatocalixarene recognition"

12.15–12.40    Ying-Wei Yang: "Sulfonatocalixarenes and carboxylatopillarenes on surfaces"

12.40–13.05    Pavel Lhoták: "Direct mercuration as a unique tool for the preparation of unusual types of calix[4]arenes"


13.05–14.30    Lunch
Chair: Luigi Mandolini

14.30–14.55    Alessandro Casnati: "Calixarenes for multivalent targeting and drug delivery"

14.55–15.10    Vincent Huc: "p-(Benzyloxy)calixarenes: a new era in the field of calixarene chemistry"

15.10–15.35    Susan E. Matthews: "From macrocyclic chemistry to medicinal chemistry ...and back again"

15.35–16.00    Takeharu Haino: "Supramolecular polymerization of fullerene directed by molecular recognition"


16.00–16.30    Coffee break
Chair: Michaele J. Hardie

16.30–16.55    Wim Dehaen: "Synthesis and structure of homoheteracalixarenes"

16.55–17.45    Flash presentations:

Carmelo Sgarlata: "Gemini guests drive the self-assembling of calixarene-based homodimeric capsules in water"

Roy Lavendomme: "Tailored functionalization of calixarenes

Alejandro Díaz-Moscoso: "Photo-responsive dimeric capsules assembled from tetraurea calix[4]arene and tetraurea calix[4]pyrrole scaffolds"

Marco Coletta: "Bis-Calix[4]arenes as supports for selective / directed cluster formation"

Alexander Gorbunov: "p-Sulfonatocalixarenes: an extended functionalization at narrow rim"


Chair: Sebastiano Pappalardo

8.45–9.10        Pablo Ballester: "Mechanically interlocked molecules containing calix[4]pyrrole scaffolds"

9.10–9.25        Peter J. Cragg: "Pillar[5]arenes: new syntheses and new applications"

9.25–9.50        Willem Verboom: "Diglycolamide-functionalized calix[4]arenes as effective ligands"

9.50–10.05      Roberta Pinalli: "Molecular recognition of amino acid with phosphonate cavitands"

10.05–10.30    Alberto Marra: "Metal-free synthesis of multivalent calix-sugars and calix-iminosugars"


10.30–11.00    Coffee break
Chair: Franz H. Kohnke

11.00–11.50    Sir Fraser Stoddart: "ExBox and ExCage"

11.50–12.40    Flash presentations:

Mariantonietta D'Acunto: "First organometallic calix[4]arenes bearing W(0) Fischer carbene complexes"

Václav Havel: "Supramolecular approach to detection of multicomponent anion mixtures by 1H NMR in aqueous environment"

Matthew R. Sullivan: "Isothermal titration calorimetric analysis of hofmeister anions on hydrophobic binding events of deep-cavity cavitands"

Lorenzo Mosca: "Calix[4]pyrroles-based anion sensors"

Jozsef G. Harangozó: "Application of the complex formation of 6-methoxy-1-methyl-quinolinium cation with 4-sulfonatocalix[4]arene as a fluorescent probe for the observation of difenzoquat binding"

Francesco Sansone: "Bola-shaped glycocalix[4]arenes for targeted drug delivery systems"

12.40–13.05    Jong Seung Kim: "Calix[4]triazole scaffold: a new class of hybrid heterocalixarenes"


13.05–14.30    Lunch

14.30              Excursion

20.00              Conference Dinner



Chair: David N. Reinhoudt

9.00–9.15        C. David Gutsche Award Ceremony

9.15–9.40       Jonathan L. Sessler: "Calixpyrroles, strapped calixpyrroles, and calixpyrrole-calixarene hybrids as ion pair extractants and carriers"

9.40–10.05     Chebrolu P. Rao: "Exploring the application potential of the conjugates of calix[4,6]arenes by spectroscopy and microscopy"

10.05–10.30   Bruce C. Gibb: "Properties of water-soluble cavitands: probing the hydrophobic effect" 

10.30–11.00    Coffee break
Chair: Olivia Reinaud

11.00–11.15    Mauro Mocerino: "Synthesis and supramolecular chemistry of amino acid functionalised calixarenes and resorcinarenes"

11.15–11.30    Gareth E. Arnott: "Inherently chiral calixarenes: synthesis and application"

11.30–11.45    Olivier Siri: Aminoazacalix[4]arenes at the crossroad of material science and photonic

11.45–12.35    Flash presentations:

Nadia Manganaro: "Polycationic oxacalix[4]arene tweezers bind the paraquat dication in water"

Nicola Y. Edwards: "Functionalized calixarenes: synthesis, characterization and anion sensing applications"

Petr Slavík: "Intramolecularly bridged calix[4]arenes with a ketone moiety: preparation and complexation properties"

Jörg Kluge: "Incorporation of calix[4]arenes into sugar-decorated hyperbranched poly(ethylene imine) for sensing of inorganic anions and metal ions"

Meenakshi N. Shinde: "Contrasting photophysical behavior of 4',6-diamidino-2-phenylindole with p-sulfonatocalix[6]arene"

12.35–13.00    Werner M. Nau: "New and old driving forces for host-guest complexation"


13.00–14.30    Lunch
Chair: Jonathan L. Sessler

14.30–14.55    Yu Liu: "Selective binding and molecular assembly of highly affinitive sulfonatocalixarenes"

14.55–15.10    Vladislav Tomisic: "Thermodynamics of complexation of alkali-metal cations by fluorescent phenanthridine-based calix[4]arene derivatives"

15.10–15.35    Michaele J. Hardie: "Metallo-cavitands, cages and other assemblies from CTV-type ligands"

15.35–16.00    Tomoki Ogoshi: "Pillar[n]arenes: from simple molecular receptors to bulk supramolecular materials"



16.00–18.00     Poster session + Beer mixer



Chair: Roberto Purrello

8.45–9.35        Andrew D. Hamilton: "Targeting protein surfaces: from terphenyls to functionalized calixarenes to Kemp’s diarylalkynes"

9.35–9.50        Pavel Anzenbacher Jr.: "Calix-n-pyrroles as molecular sensors"

9.50–10.15      Arturo Arduini: "Calix[6]arene-based pseudorotaxanes: synthesis and properties"

10.15–10.30   Poster Prize Ceremony (sponsored by the Royal Society of Chemistry and Springer)

10.30–11.00    Coffee break

Chair: Bruce C. Gibb

11.00–11.25   Scott J. Dalgarno: "Calixarene-supported cluster"

11.25–11.50   Fraser Hof: "Attraction through repulsion: electrostatic repulsion is the key to self-assembly in real biological fluids"

11.50–12.15   Yoram Cohen: "NMR studies of molecular capsules and pillar[5]arenes"

12.15–12.30   Tobias Gruber: "Fluorescophanes: a new generation of fluorescent macrocycles"

12.30–12.55   Mei-Xiang Wang: "Advances in macrocyclic and supramolecular chemistry: from heteracalixaromatics to coronarenes"


12.55–13.15    Closing Remarks


13.15–14.30    Lunch